Walking the Spiritual Path Day 78

Get the little things right and then watch the magick happen, as the little things turn into the big things which turn into the rest of your life.  Anonymous

I am waking up to the little things that lay the magickal groundwork for the big things in my life.  I am aware of the need to stay in constant communication with my higher mind and soul.  When I do this, it is easy to confirm that something actually belongs to my spiritual being.   Yet my pattern is to run off with what belongs to my higher mind.  I receive her guidance then let human energy come forward and take over the task.    When the task belongs to my higher mind, but I am doing it without higher mind energy, the results are always unsatisfactory.

Keeping in constant communication means being manifested and receiving guidance from my spiritual self in every action, every conversation, every thought.  Constant communication means that my life becomes a reflection of my higher mind and soul.  A little thing creates the tone of my entire life.

Affirmation:  I choose to stay in constant communication with my higher mind and soul, and therefore be guided in every moment by my higher mind.

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