Walking the Spiritual Path Day 75

Always remember your focus determines your reality.  George Lucas

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.  Stephen Covey

Energy flows where attention goes.  Anonymous

As I walk my spiritual path, I am becoming very conscious of where my energy is going.  It used to be I would lose days at a time, lost in some mental puzzle that took up all my time and energy.  I didn’t truly understand the need to keep a close watch on my thoughts.  The mental concept made sense: but something making sense on a mental level doesn’t really accomplish anything tangible.  It must make sense in my heart and my actions must follow my heart’s understanding.

In my heart, I am now understanding that my focus, will, and intent must be pointed in the same direction as my actions.  Manifesting my higher mind and soul, focus, and intent, blended with creativity and ingenuity, allows my soul to create answers and solutions to the issues and problems in my life.    More than that, she can create miracles, turning kinda lousy situations into good ones, and bringing wonderful new opportunities into my life.  All I have to do is pay attention only to her and stop limiting her with the negative patterns of my ego-driven conscious mind.

Affirmation:  As I manifest my higher mind and soul, I keep all my focus and attention only upon her.

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