Walking the Spiritual Path Day 71

Reality check, cupcake.  You say you want it, but you take no action to bring it about.  What exactly did you think was going to happen?  Anonymous

I have had a reality check.  The spiritual path cannot be walked in my head.  My thoughts and mental power are not enough to change my bad habits.   It’s like taking the journey of 1000 miles on a treadmill: it’s not really what I had in mind, and I end up exactly where I started.

So today, I am waking up to the need to take action.   Changing behaviour doesn’t happen overnight, and that’s okay.  That thirst for quick results is another mental trap.  It is small steps taken in the right direction that add up over time.  I am also adding a nightly exercise before bedtime to go over the positives of the day and the what-could-have-gone-better.    The next morning I can pick up on where I left off, and look for patterns and pitfalls that were revealed the day before.  This way I am keeping my spiritual journey front and center.   Because it’s time to call myself on my preference for mental shortcuts.  There is no substitute for taking action.

Affirmation:  Today I take the action that belongs to my higher mind and soul, and focus on my manifestation as I do so.

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