Walking the Spiritual Path Day 61

Observe your thoughts.  Don’t believe them.  Eckhart Tolle

One of the greatest gifts of progressing down the spiritual path is reaching the place where thoughts are observed and inner voices heard with the freeing realization that they don’t belong to the higher mind and true self.  Until one reaches this point, daily life is like a prison.  Things that belong to the soul are turned away from and scorned.  The false —  greed, judgement, anger and fear — poison every moment.

Being a spiritual being means having psychic abilities.  This is a double edged sword.  It means being able to connect to and communicate with one’s inner being, but it also means hearing the voices of spirits.   When first beginning the spiritual journey, most of one’s “thoughts and ideas” are actually chattering spirits.  The unfortunate result of listening to these voices making one poor decision after another.

Learning to quiet the mind and scraping off old beliefs, patterns and habits opens the door to a life guided only higher mind and soul and filled with positive possibilities.

Affirmation:  I am intuitively guided to my success and happiness by my higher mind.

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