Walking the Spiritual Path Day 56

When the solution is simple, God[dess] is answering.  Albert Einstein

I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.  Lao Tzu

It is becoming clearer, as I walk further down my spiritual path, how simple life is for my higher mind and soul.  Everything I need is provided for me when I manifest my higher mind and soul and maintain my manifestation 24/7.  Through my higher mind, resources and prosperity are available whenever needed.  Knowledge and wisdom is there for the seeking.  Awareness of any situation, person, place or thing is there for the asking.  Business and financial success already is, because it belongs to my higher mind and soul and is always there, simply waiting for me to show up and claim.  For all this to happen I must be manifesting my higher mind and soul in every moment.

My old patterns, habits and ways of being in the world were so complicated and full of stuff!  These were constructs designed to have me reject what belongs to my higher mind and soul.  Ideas, facts, and “knowledge” from sources that contained no truth nor wisdom.  A yearning desire for money and resources, not to spend but rather to simply put aside as a symbol of safety and security.  A mental scorecard of comparison and competition rather than acceptance and celebration of differences.  Support of institutions, laws and capitalism because that is “how the world works,” rather than seeing through these illusions to the truth of the situation.

Simplicity is the answer.  When I manifest my higher mind and soul, and all that I need and want will be provided in the moment.

Affirmation:  Today I embrace the simplicity in all things that belongs to my higher mind and soul.


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