Walking the Spiritual Path Day 49

When you get that nudge to act, don’t dilly and don’t dally.  Jump on it with both feet.  Anonymous

Today I had the reminder about acting in the moment — the exact moment — my higher mind gives the guidance to do so.  My higher mind’s timing is divine.  When I second guess her timing by not acting immediately I have lost the perfect opportunity.

It was a little thing today:  to take photos of my jewelry.  But I didn’t act in the moment I got my higher mind’s nudge.   I was in the middle of something else (that belonged to my higher mind), so the reasoning went that I could wait.  Yet, that wasn’t my higher mind telling me to wait and do it later.  When I did try take photos several hours later the shadows were heavy and the photographic results unsatisfying.   It needs to be done again.  The lesson is that when my higher mind gives me direction, I need to listen and act.  This is a small example.  But how many times in a day do I not heed my higher mind’s guidance and timing?

Affirmation:    I am one with my higher mind and soul, and I act in the instant I am given higher mind’s guidance.

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