Walking the Spiritual Path Day 48

Never be defined by your past.  It was a life lesson not a life sentence.  Buddha

Old negative patterns and habits have revealed themselves.   Approaching them as simply something else to be removed from all mental and emotional programming is freeing.  There is no judgement with this approach.  It become simply a fact:  more inner work needs to be done.  Discovering old negative beliefs is never pleasant.   But facing these limiting thoughts is a relief.    Acceptance creates the opportunity to address the problem, and that creates the chance to do things differently.

A positive life cannot be created with a negative mindset.  By first admitting the negative mindset is there, then diligently and mindfully not picking it up again, life can unfold in fresh new ways.

Affirmation:  I am one with my higher mind and soul, and I am mindful of my thoughts and words.

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