Walking the Spiritual Path Day 47

Walking the Spiritual Path Introduction

The expectations of life depend upon diligence; the artisan that would perfect her work must first sharpen her tools.  Confucius

I am putting time and effort into the work that is my soul’s purpose.  As I do so, it is revealing the need to become proficient, improve my skills and learn more.  This is an inherent part of walking my spiritual path.  My soul physically manifested is not just here to sit in meditation all day.  She is here to put her energy out into the world through the skills and abilities that are uniquely hers.  It doesn’t matter whether the skills are painting, improving focus and concentration, mastering different meditation techniques, or gaining more knowledge about Gaia and the natural world around me.  The need is the same:  learn, practice, perfect, and apply.

The human patterns I still sometimes wrestle with love to nitpick this process.  I have been on my spiritual path long enough to know that no matter how “helpful” these internal suggestions and critiques appear to be, their goal is always the same:  to stop me from doing what belongs to my higher mind and soul.  Yesterday I worked on two paintings that were not quite what my soul meant.   This morning my higher mind pointed me to an artist’s teaching video that address the exact issue I was grappling with.  Previously I would go searching and find all kinds of videos — just not the ones I needed.   The moral of the story is to trust the process.

Affirmation:  Today I trust my higher mind’s process, knowing what I need will be revealed to me in the perfect time and space.



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