Walking the Spiritual Path Day 46

Walking the Spiritual Path Introduction

Hold on gently.  Anonymous

In a gentle way you can shake the world.  Gandhi

Before committing to the spiritual path there was strong appeal in forcing things:  situations, circumstances, issues, events and relationships.  Force was even brought to the relationship with my higher mind and soul.   This flawed thinking was that force would create mastery.

My soul is a gentle and patient teacher.  I am brought back time and again to the truth that everything works better when I hold on gently.  By keeping gentle constant interaction with my inner being, my higher mind is right there whenever guidance or awareness is needed.  Yes, I always need to be clear about who I want guidance from or I will get answers from whatever idiotic spirit guide or negative energy is closest.  It is when I wander off mentally and then try to return to my higher mind and soul quickly that the appeal of forcing things takes over.    My relationship with my higher mind and soul works so much better with a constant gentle touch.

Affirmation:  Today I keep a gentle constant focus on my higher mind and soul, and am rightly guided in every moment.

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