Walking the Spiritual Path Day 44

It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives.  It’s what we do consistently.  Tony Robbins

It’s not enough to be busy, so are the ants.   The question is what are we busy about?   Henry David Thoreau

Spending time every day on what belongs to my higher mind and soul is the key to keeping my focus solely on my inner being.  In order to have the life that belongs to my soul, I need to put in the work.  Action needs to follow desire.  To say I want what belongs to my soul and then fail to put in time and energy is a hollow commitment that won’t achieve anything.

I used to believe that I was so busy.  I was — if you count watching spending hours and hours on activities that had little to do with my soul, or lacking my soul’s manifestation while I did them.  Ant-like busy-ness.   The human mind loves this kind of empty gesture.  It accomplishes nothing, but let’s one feel as they are doing something and being productive.  Now that I have committed to do only what belongs to my soul, I see clearly what a waste of time my previous attempts were.

Affirmation:  Today I do only what belongs to my higher mind and soul.

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