Walking the Spiritual Path Day 43

Always remember your focus determines your reality.  George Lucas

Where focus goes energy flows.  Tony Robbins

What I focus on is a choice:  I can keep my unwavering focus on my higher mind and soul and know that everything is going to work out for my greatest good and the greatest good of the world around me.  I can keep my focus on my soul and know that whatever wisdom or awareness I need will be provided in the moment.  If I choose poorly though, and allow my old habits and patterns to determine my actions and my words, my thoughts and my beliefs than my life is not going to unfold positively.

My focus today was where it needed to be, on my higher mind.  I need to keep this consistency throughout my day, every day.  When I do that each chapter in my life will unfold exactly as it should.  So today I choose what I focus on — my higher mind and soul — and know I am creating the life of my dreams when I do so.

Affirmation:  Today I turn over all choices I must make to my higher mind for the right choice.

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