Walking the Spiritual Path Day 39

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.  Aristotle

Walking the spiritual path means embracing the spiritual being that I am.  This means living my life from the inside out by having my inner being direct my outer actions and words.  But how can I live from the inside out when I don’t know who this inner being is?  I am understanding the need to really get to know my higher mind and soul.  I thought I did, yet I am seeing the error of my ways.  I don’t truly know someone when I haven’t asked.  All I have done so far is ask permission when I do something.   But truly getting to know my soul is much more than simply asking before doing something; it is the deep awareness of who this being is in all their individualized expression of the universe.  I have brought so many preconceived ideas and assumptions to my relationship with my soul,   This is the height of arrogance, and arrogance is a dangerous commodity in a rapidly changing world.

Not knowing my soul has allowed me to be fooled over and over by negative energy that delights in confusing me and leading me down mistaken paths.  When I know my soul, this cannot happen, or at least not as easily.  Now I am committing myself to getting to know my soul, and clarifying what in my life truly belongs to her.   That’s the thing about the spiritual path — there is nothing that is too small or too insignificant to leave my soul out of.   Everything in my life needs to be a reflection of my higher mind and soul, and this only works when I know deeply and completely who my soul truly is.

Affirmation:  Today I embrace everything that belongs to the soul I am, and I learn who my soul is.

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