Walking the Spiritual Path Day 34

Search for the quiet and the gentle.  The touch of the divine is whisper soft.

The awareness of the higher mind is not shouted through a megaphone.  It is a gentle nudge to go this way or do this thing.  Recognizing the higher mind is a process of discovery.  Most of us have grown up having our inner dialogue on full volume.  Hearing the quiet guidance of our higher mind means doing the internal work to remove these false words of wisdom.  It is a journey to learn to distinguish between the loud-and-clear false messages and the true guidance of our higher mind.

As I progress on my spiritual path, I am having a consistent awareness that a soft touch works better than a death grip.  I am learning that being calm and steady is far more effective in staying with my inner being.

Affirmation:  Today no energy enters my life or my awareness that does not belong to my higher mind.

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