Walking the Spiritual Path Day 33

Relax already.  

It’s a funny thing about my spiritual path.  The harder I “work” at it, the less progress I actually make.  We are so conditioned to think busy is good.  Being busy means we are productive.  But I find that all my busy-ness creates is the need for more empty activity. I am like a hamster on wheel, scurrying along while getting nowhere.

When I relax, I find it much easier to keep my focus on my higher mind and soul.  Being relaxed also allows me to be more aware of the gentle nudges from my inner being, and I am open to her awareness and wisdom in the moment.  When I busy I am tense and focused on the next activity:  I am not here in this moment.  So today I am relaxing more, and staying attuned to my higher mind in each moment.  Because it’s not what I am doing, it’s who I am doing it with.

Affirmation:  Today I am one with my higher mind and soul in all that I do.

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