Walking the Spiritual Path Day 32

No expectations, no disappointments.

Expectations are a fast way to lose my connection to my higher mind and soul.  Expectations mean that I know — or think I know — what is supposed to happen, in what order and what the outcome needs to be.  But sometimes things don’t unfold in a predictable way. Having expectations could cause me to judge this unexpected unfolding of events as bad or unworthwhile.  Letting go of my expectations allows me look at things from a new perspective, like the hanged man in tarot.

This new perspective is filled with flexibility and a lack of attachment to the outcome.  From here I can remind myself that my only task is to fill every event and interaction with divine love empowered to bring about the greatest good.  Then I simply need to keep my focus on my higher mind and soul and trust that everything will work out in accordance with my higher mind’s desire.

Affirmation:  Nothing comes into my life today my soul does not desire.

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