Walking the Spiritual Path Day 29

Perseverance is the foundation of all actions.  Lao Tzu

Being persistent and consistent are the secret sauce of making progress on the spiritual path.  For me, this means that I keep making the commitment to focus on my higher mind and soul.  Some days are filled with spiritual work and success on my path; some days aren’t.   I am learning to see these “off days”  as a signal to recommit to myself and my soul.  It is not the time to take a negative inventory of my life, my efforts and my spiritual progress.

I am learning to be kind and gentle with myself.  In the old days, I would beat myself up, listening to the voice of chaos.  I would listen to the words of discouragement.  I would listen long enough that I would start to believe it.  Now I know that a day when I didn’t get everything done is just that, and nothing more.  Tomorrow is a new day, and tomorrow is my opportunity to try again.  I now recognize that I have a choice how I treat myself.  That inner voice of self-criticism was never my soul.  While I chose to listen in the past, I choose to ignore it now.  The voice of my higher mind and soul is the gentle voice of encouragement that says “we got this.”

Affirmation:    I am one with my higher mind and soul in every moment.

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