Walking the Spiritual Path Day 27

Sometimes a light touch works better than holding on for dear life.  Anonymous

I am learning that holding onto my inner being and keeping my focus on my higher mind and soul is often better done with a light touch.  When I am relaxed, staying with my inner being on my spiritual path seems easier and more natural.  I work from a place of assuming I am doing it right.  I assume my higher mind is manifested and that I am doing what belongs to my higher mind.  It is easier to keep up a steady conversation with my higher mind when I am in this happier place.

An old pattern is to approach everything seriously.  This only serves to strip the fun out of whatever I am dealing with.  It takes something that could be easy and light and makes it a heavy burden.  When I make my connection with my soul a heavy task, it lays the groundwork for bad habits, like doing before checking, assuming rather than asking, and being angry and defensive.

So today I am going to use a light touch as I walk my spiritual path.  Joy is replacing deadly seriousness, confidence is replacing fear, and the conversation moves to what I am doing right, rather than a tally of what I did wrong.

Affirmation:  Today I am joyfully one with my higher mind and soul.

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