Walking the Spiritual Path Day 24



Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you.  John C. Maxwell

Walking the spiritual path means making the choices that belong to my higher mind and soul.  As I am becoming more aware of my choices, I am also becoming more discerning about the source of the choices I make.

Who is the chooser?  Is it me choosing based on the guidance of my spiritual being?  Or am I making choices based on someone else’s thoughts, beliefs and values?  I don’t get let off the cosmic hook because I make a choice that someone else encouraged me to.   It is never someone else’s choice that matters.  It is about whether I listened to their suggestion and acted on it, or disregarded their advice.  I choose, and if the choice was a poor one, I have to own that.

Every choice matters and even the smallest choice has consequences.  I must walk the path that belongs to me. That path comes down to choosing.  I need to learn how to make better choices.  This means choosing my higher mind in each and every moment.    If I hold onto what I the physical body want and disregard what my higher mind wants for me, then I have to own the unfortunate results.  When I deliberately and consciously choose what belongs to my higher mind and soul, I will be guided into the life that resonates with my soul and belongs to my heart.  This is the life I am here to live, the path that is uniquely mine.

Affirmation:  Today I choose my higher mind and soul in every aspect of my life, from the largest to the smallest.

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