Walking the Spiritual Path Day 23

Walking the Spiritual Path Introduction

Healing means to make whole and to accept all parts of myself — not just the parts I like, but all parts of me.  Louise Hay

As I commit to my spiritual path, I am faced with the fact that I do not know all the parts of myself.  I cannot accept what I do not know, so at this point on my spiritual path I am getting to know different aspects of my being.  I have strong air energy.  Air is wonderful for creativity, imagination, and intellect.  Air is not so great at the tangible and concrete.  Putting action behind ideas is something I have fallen short on, up to now.

Getting to know this earth energy part of myself is a new branch on my path.    It is a very different energy from what I know and am accustomed to.  It is time for me to broaden my energetic horizons and become familiar with earth energy.  My ideas need solid grounding to manifest into the physical.  It will be a new experience to have something solid and grounding to add to my imagination.  I am excited to see what happens!

Affirmation:  Today I embrace all that belongs to my higher mind and soul.

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