Walking the Spiritual Path Day 17


Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.  Warren Buffett

The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.   Socrates

How often have you indulged in an old habit, and not even been aware of what you were doing it?  For me, the wisdom of “oops, I did it again” often didn’t come until long afterwards.  It was frustrating:  despite my best intentions, more often than not I found myself on the old road self-defeating and self-sabotaging thoughts and patterns.  I felt powerless, because it happened so unconsciously.  Despite my best intentions, I kept veering off course and driving my life into a ditch.

Now my focus is upon my higher mind and soul consistently.   When my focus is on my spiritual being it is much easier to live from my inner being’s awareness.  My higher mind pays attention to the world around me, both physical and energetic, and I pay attention to her.  It is only when I lose my focus on my higher mind that I begin to veer off the road.  I am becoming more awake to my triggers — those things that have me lose focus on my higher mind.

When the old feelings of rushing, or emotions such as fear, doubt, irritation or anger well up in me, I know I have lost my connection to my higher mind.  Before I would keep going, sure that I could handle whatever was in front of me.  No longer.  Now, I stop, regroup and only proceed when I get the go-ahead from my higher mind.  I know that if I am not living in my higher mind’s energy in each moment, I am living in malevolent dark nasty energy.  That’s the thing about being guided by your higher mind and soul:  either you are or you aren’t.  There are no shades of grey.

Affirmation:  Now I live every moment of every day guided solely by my higher mind and soul.

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