Walking the Spiritual Path Day 11


The progression of wisdom:

  1. I walk down the street. I see the hole. I fall in the hole. I can’t get out.
  2. I walk down the street. I see the hole.  I fall in the hole. It takes me forever to get out.
  3. I walk down the street. I see the hole. I fall in the hole. I get right back out.
  4. I walk down the street.  I see the hole.  I walk around the hole.
  5. I walk down a different street.

I am paying more attention to the holes I fall into as I walk my spiritual path.  These are the dead giveaways that I have left my higher mind and soul; I am not acting as a spiritual being.   The point of this blog is to be honest: sometimes painfully so.  I find many pitfalls and foibles of my spiritual path dissipate when I expose them to daylight.  So here is what I am dragging out the dark closet today.

— arguing, looking for a fight, not letting something slide, looking at the worst interpretation, setting up a situation for conflict.  My soul is not here to provoke.  There is enough conflict on this planet.  My soul is here to soothe and lower the collective blood pressure.  This is not to say my soul is a doormat.  Just the opposite.  She is powerful and when necessary can and will take on any adversary.  But she isn’t spoiling for a fight.   Her purpose is peace.  When I feel myself getting poked and prodded to become angry, irritable and lash out, this is a flashing red light that I have lost my manifestation.  I need to get back to my higher mind and soul immediately.

— being pessimistic, focussing on the negative, looking at the sad, bad and terrible, expecting the worst of people, situations and circumstances.  There are lots of things on this planet that are not ideal, even heartbreaking.  My soul’s power has the ability to turn what I focus on and think about into reality.  Looking at sad, bad and terrible things just creates more of them.  My role as a spiritual being is to help, heal and restore.  Whether its a negative mindset or an upsetting news story, if I am in the middle of it, I went there without my higher mind and soul.  Returning to my soul is the only antidote.

— beating up on myself.  Someone who knows me well called this my “Bad Dobby” habit, from Harry Potter.  Being merciless and pitiless towards myself is never my soul.  Counting all my shortcomings is not a spiritual practice.  My higher mind and soul is patient, forgiving and loves herself unconditionally.  Falling back into my habit of self flagellation is never my soul.  It is however a doorway for some really nasty entities to come and feed off the negative energy I am putting out.  My spiritual being cannot manifest through a physical vessel that goes to this negative place either emotionally or mentally.

Today I am aware of the ‘tells’ that indicate I have wandered away from my spiritual being, and I get back on my spiritual path right away.

Affirmation:  Today, I keep my focus and awareness on my higher mind and soul in every moment.   

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