Walking the Spiritual Path Day 10


Inaction breeds doubt and fear.  Action breeds confidence and courage.  If you want to conquer fear, do not sit and think about it.  Go and get busy.  Dale Carnegie

Today I am looking at self-discipline and taking action in my life.  Given what a rich topic it is, I think I will be looking at this subject for a while.  Sitting here right now, I suspect the ugly truth is that I have the self-discipline of a marshmallow.  I am not proud of that.  But sometimes the truth hurts, and I can’t change anything until I am willing to admit there is a problem.

I am not sure how I manage to get so little done.  I feel productive.  I tell myself I am busy.  But the truth is that many most things I want to get done are still sitting in the pile labeled “someday I am going to get to that.”    This blog has been really helpful in getting me to look at things I conveniently push to the background of my mind.   Now it’s time to look at the issue of self-discipline.

In looking at self-discipline, I am going to start with a simple activity:  regularly doing a little house cleaning.   I continually struggle with this.  I spend more time beating myself up for what I am not doing than actually doing it.  This is a pattern that disempowers me and makes me feel like my house and therefore my life is out of control.  My house is not a pigsty.  But I love a pristine house.  It provides a sense of order I enjoy.  As a being of order, it is refreshing and relaxing to have my house be organized, tidy, dusted and floors swept and mopped on a full time basis.

Approaching house cleaning, or anything I want to accomplish from this mental space provides a sense of accomplishment.  It helps overcome those mind messages of “I can’t” and “it never works to try something different.”   I know I have beliefs about house cleaning that don’t belong to me.  They also don’t serve me.  First I am going to get rid of these limiting beliefs by asking my higher mind to remove them.  Then, I am going to take the next step of giving myself 30 minutes to do some housekeeping.  That’s it.  Just 30 minutes.  I know part of my patterning is to look at something and say “Oh, I need hours and hours.  I can’t possibly accomplish anything meaningful in 30 minutes.”  Thus I never start to begin with.  This is the inaction and lack of self-discipline I want to address.

Affirmation:  Today my Higher Mind guides my every action both important and mundane.


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