Walking the Spiritual Path Day 9


Claim and consciously use your own power.  Louise Hay

I’m looking at the [wo]man in the mirror.  I am asking her to make a change.  Michael Jackson

My awareness today is about owning my power.   From the time we are little girls, most women are taught to ‘be a good girl.”  We are taught to back down, to give in, to compromise.  We are taught to give up on what we want and instead put the needs of others first.

I am waking up to the need to take responsibility for my power.    I am a microcosm of the macrocosm.  By not owning my power, by backing down, by letting others’ needs come before mine, I am sending the energetic message out into the world that women come second.  The proof is everywhere I look:  women hold a tiny percentage of the positions of power from government to non-profits to business and education.   Women are often paid less than men regardless of industry.  Women stay in abusive relationships because they believe they need a man to provide for them, even when the woman is the breadwinner.  Wherever I look, the world is filled with women who are not owning their power.

This is about me owning my power and standing firm.  It isn’t about going to war with anyone else.  It is about owning my strength and power to stand my ground and not accept less than what I deserve and desire.  It seems like a simple concept, but it took time and effort to let go of all those limiting beliefs that stopped me from owning my power.  It felt like I was being disloyal to all the people who subtly and not-so-subtly sent the message that it was right and true that I came in second.

The world needs powerful women.  There isn’t any more time to waste.  The world needs women’s wisdom, strength, cooperation and holistic viewpoint.  The world needs strong leaders who are also compassionate and take the long view.   The world needs leaders who value the earth, the environment, the flora and fauna and indigenous people of this planet.  The world needs problem solvers and nurtures who can make wise decisions for the benefit of all.

As Buddha said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

That change begins with me owning my power: knowing without a shadow of a doubt that I am strong, capable and wise.   When I own this fact with every fiber of my being, then I send out into the world the energy for all women worldwide to do the same.

Affirmation:  I am one with my Higher Mind and Soul, whose strength and wisdom guides me in every moment.

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