Walking the Spiritual Path Day 8



For changes to be of any true value, they’ve got to be lasting and consistent.  Tony Robbins

Today’s awareness is about consistency.  It was pointed out to me today that I was not being consistent in my spiritual work.  I was focussed on one part of my daily efforts while neglecting other parts that are just as important.  The result is inconsistentcy.  I know that I need to be consistent and persistent in walking my spiritual path.  Every day requires spiritual focus and commitment.   Each step along the path requires me to show up if I want to walk my talk.  Hit and miss in my spiritual practice equals hit and miss in my life.

Everybody is different:  for me, I need reminders along the way.  The best method I have found is both morning and evening focus on my spirituality.  The morning is to set me on the right path for the day.  The evening is a touchstone for where I want to be.  When I skip this,  I miss things.  This is what happened.  There is always energy that works in opposition to walking the spiritual path, and this energy undermines, distracts and sabotages.  I know this: yet sometimes I still misstep.  I got distracted and took my eye off the ball.  I let things slide that need to be done daily.

It is honoring the spiritual being I am, honoring my Higher Mind and Soul to give my spiritual work time and effort every day.  So I am returning to my morning material and going back to the structure that has served me well.  When I am further along the path, there will be room to simply be and do, knowing that I am a fully manifested soul in each and every moment.  Today is about continuing in my journey to reach that place.   I only do that by being consistent and showing up for myself and my spiritual path daily.  This is the consistency I need.  This is how I build the life I desire, that works on every level, physically, energetically and spiritually.

Affirmation: Now I daily put time and energy into my spiritual path.   Today my priority is what my Higher Mind and Soul desires me to do.

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