Walking the Spiritual Path Day 7


The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change her future by merely changing her attitude.     Oprah Winfrey

Being consciously aware of my attitude is a new thing for me.  For too long, I had a pretty bad attitude.  I didn’t know it.  If you asked me I would have said my attitude was fine.  If I was negative, my attitude was appropriate; it was shaped by events or people or situations.   So I was just being realistic by being negative and pessimistic.

As I release, destroy and transform patterns and beliefs, it is becoming very clear that I took on the mental and emotional way of navigating life from other people.  Yes, I grew up around negative people.  Yes, I can think of 1000 excuses for why I am justified in having a pessimistic outlook.  Yes, being negative has been as natural as breathing.  But the real question is “Do I want the life I am creating from this negative place?”  The answer is hell no!  A negative mindset can never create a positive life.

Removing the layers of negativity has given me the mental and emotional space to observe my thoughts, listen to my words and be aware of my attitude.  I don’t always do it perfectly, and sometimes I can go for a while on autopilot; but I catch myself faster when I start to drift.  By keeping at it, each passing day feels lighter and more joyful.  

My soul is an artist: putting her joy and playfulness into every brushstroke creates a painting that vibrates happiness.  If I am not aware and deliberately choosing my soul’s mindset, I can easily fall into a critical and judgemental mindset, where I nitpick the painting as I create it.  The final painting may look the same, but the energy emanating from it is vastly different.  One is happy and makes you smile.  The other is irritating and unpleasant.  Two very different mindsets, and two very different feelings, and two very different results.

I think of creating a painting as an analogy for my life.  With a positive attitude, one life is a joyful and happy, where every day is filled with wonderful possibility, and good things happen because I expect them to.  The other is a life of disappointment, frustration and bitterness.  It all comes down to my mindset and my choice about my attitude.

Affirmation:  Today I choose to think and speak positively.  I know my mental energy creates my physical reality always.


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