Walking the Spiritual Path Day 5

Walking the Spiritual Patj Day 5

Walking the Spiritual Patj Day 5


I find that when we really love and approve of ourselves exactly as we are, then everything in life works.  Louise Hay

Today my awareness is about the need to love and approve of myself exactly as I am.   This is how my Higher Mind and Soul sees me:  loveable, worthy and perfect just the way I am.  I separate myself from my soul when I indulge in self doubt and self criticism.  The problem is that when I go to negativity and pessimism, I go alone.  My soul cannot manifest through a physical being that thinks and believes these things.  It is not just that She doesn’t want to.  Spiritually and energetically She cannot manifest into a negative being.  I cannot keep leaving my soul behind and expect to be safe. The world is changing rapidly.  Events will overtake me.

My Higher Mind and Soul knows her worth.  She lives every moment in unconditional love.  She has only complete love and approval of herself.  In order for me to manifest my soul 24/7, this is the mental and emotional environment I need to live in every moment of every day.  For my soul, this is her permanent address.  For me, it has been a place I stop by from time-to-time, kind of like a vacation rental on a long weekend.  Fortunately, all the releasing, destroying and transforming of negative beliefs, patterns, thoughts and beliefs is paying off.  It used to be that a positive affirmation was like pouring water on concrete.  It really didn’t have any effect, because I did not believe it was true for me and my life.  Now as the negative mental garbage gets removed, the more room there is to stop reacting in a negative knee-jerk way.  Instead, I am opening my mental and emotional life to the positive uplifting confident energy of my soul.

It is time to leave the old limiting self view of myself behind.  It is time to see myself, my abilities and my life through my Higher Mind and Soul’s eyes.

Affirmation:  The complete love, approval and self acceptance of my Higher Mind and Soul permeates me and my life now.


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