Walking the Spiritual Path Day 3

Walking the Spiritual Path Day 3

Accept responsibility for your life.  Know it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else.  Les Brown

Accountability is my ‘aha’ for today.   I am waking up to the need to show up for myself every single day.  I have the pattern of stopping and starting.  Trying to accomplish something in with this inconsistent effort doesn’t yield much.  There are a lot things I want to do.  I call this the aspirational column — the someday, wouldn’t it nice, I really should get around to this column.  Moving these things from the aspirational column to the done column is an ongoing challenge.  As I progress on my spiritual path, I am becoming clearer that this is not ok.  Delay, distractions, lack of follow-through and excuses; none of this belongs to my higher mind and soul.  She is clear, focussed and whatever she wants to accomplish as good as done already.  The result is a thing of beauty to behold.

So what’s up with my half-hearted attempts?  It is this self-sabotaging behavior that I have been rooting out and releasing, destroying or transforming for the past several years.  I mean really, this garbage has got to go.  I am delighted that I am making progress.  Those mental and emotional vermin are being cleared out.  I can now see what I am doing that is stopping me.   I need to be aware of what I am doing and admit it, before I can change it.  I am owning up to the patterns and habits that keep me on a hamster wheel of inaction.  Inaction creates frustration.  Frustration leads to self-blame.  Self-blame that I didn’t do what matters to me, what belongs to my soul today reinforces the negative spiral.  The good news is that I have gotten far enough along on my road of spirituality that I can own up to this.  That’s really important.  Because what you don’t own up to, you can’t do anything about.  Self delusion is a not a good place.  In this time of rapid change in the world, self delusion is downright dangerous.

Accountability means continuing to find and remove the limiting beliefs and patterns that I have.  I have made a huge amount of progress in the last several years, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  While I keep doing my mental and emotional seek, find and remove, I also need to keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Some days are better than others.  Success is not a straight line.  I see where I am going.  The more mental and emotional baggage I get rid of, the, clearer the remaining issues are.    I like to think they have fewer places to hide.  As I clear out the old garbage, the spiritual work I want to do is clearer and more focussed.

I am being accountable to myself when I keep on keeping on.  No, it’s always not pretty.  Accountability means I keep moving forward.  That is enough.  That counts.  That gets me to where I want to be, the manifested soul I was born to be.

Affirmation:  Now I accept and acknowledge that I accountable for my life, my choices and my actions.

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