Walking the Spiritual Path Day 2

Walking the Spiritual Path Day 3

We are all different and meant to be that way.  Louise Hay

Today’s awareness is about preconceived ideas and expectations around walking the spiritual path.  Everyone’s path looks different.  Ten people meditating daily for 30 days will each have their own awareness, insights and experience.  Each one is perfect for that person.  What resonates for each person — what belongs to their higher mind and soul — is what each one of our meditators will have come into their hearts and minds.

To compare myself to someone else is a terrible disservice to the unique being I am, body, mind and soul.   Yet too often I slip into comparing myself to someone else, judging and evaluating. What a terrible waste this is!  The Creator did not create us to be the same.  Instead we are each created to be an individualized expression of the creative power of the universe.  There is so much freedom, joy and creativity in this energetic space.  Where did this notion of trying to do something just like someone else come from?  Inevitably it comes from someone or something outside ourselves.

My awareness for the day is to remember that I am simply here to be me.  My only job is to be myself as a manifested soul and to bring forward the beauty, artistic expression and joy that belongs to my higher mind and soul.  When I am myself, without worrying about what anyone else thinks then I give myself the freedom to express the divine being that I am.  That is more than enough:  that is everything.

Affirmation:  To compare is human, to celebrate difference is Divine.

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