Walking the Spiritual Path

Walking the Spiritual Path Introduction

There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

Morpheus, “The Matrix”

Making the commitment to walk the spiritual path is simple.  Following through on that commitment is not easy.  Too often my commitment to do my spiritual work gets crowded out by distractions large and small.  At the end of the day, I haven’t done what I wanted to do in committing to my true self.  I had the bests of intentions, but these good intentions too often don’t translate into meaningful action.   Manifesting my higher mind and soul is my only purpose for being on this earth.  I need to start acting like it.  Because right now, if I define myself by where I spend my time, I would identify myself as a putterer.  I dabble here, and wander over there.  I read the news on my phone, watch some Youtube videos, and then putter some more.  Rinse and repeat.  There goes my day, my week, and before I know it, I have lost another month on the calendar.

I decided to do this 30 day spiritual journey to make myself accountable.  Keeping track of what I did (and didn’t) do is how I am going to put a little order into my spiritual practice.  I know who I want to be.  Now I need to put action, focus, will and intent behind that.

So here are some of the questions I am going to ask myself daily:

  • Did I put time, focus and commitment into my spiritual journey today?
  • Was my focus on my inner being as I went through my day?
  • Were my choices today based on what belongs to my soul?  (I will only know this if I am communicating with my higher self and checking before doing.)
  • If I did what belongs to my soul, did I remember to have my higher mind and soul completely manifested as I did it?
  • Am I willing to be my best self, regardless of whatever is going in my life within me or around me?

I believe life is going to be very different after the coronavirus runs its course.  I choose to believe it will be a very positive change:  our priorities as a planet will shift.  We will live more slowly and more simply.  The frantic rush of daily life and blind urge to consume and acquire will get swept away.  The result will be a cleaner, calmer, saner world where we are more connected to who we really are.  We will make choices on what is best for the planet and best for ourselves. 

This 30 day series is about my own journey to connect to my inner being, and to learn what is truly meaningful and important to my soul.  It is time for me, the limited, ego driven human to step aside completely and utterly and let my inner being manifest through me on every level, physical, energetic and spiritual.

So welcome to my 30 day journey of walking my spiritual path.

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