Citrine, Malachite, Sapphire and Crystal Necklace

Citrine and malachite

This sparkly beauty is made of citrine, malachite, sapphires, clear crystal and gold filled beads and clasp.  It’s a beautiful combination of gems, sure to add shine and sizzle and give any outfit a sensational boost of beauty and shine.   For anyone on their spiritual journey, you may recognize this powerhouse combination.   The necklace is designed to awaken and increase your personal power and magickal power.   The necklace is shipped to you uncharged and unprogrammed.   If you want to charge the gems as the necklace was designed, for awakening and increasing your personal and magickal power, instructions are provided.

More about these gemstones:

Citrine is a wonderful stone for manifestation and attracting wealth and prosperity, increasing your personal power, creativity and imagination and personal will.   Citrine never needs to be cleared because it does not hold or accumulate negative energy.  Citrine energetically cleanses everything around it:  you can use citrine to clear other gemstones or to keep a room clear of negative unwanted energy.

Clear quartz is an amplifier:  it increases the energy of crystals surrounding it.

Malachite is a stone of transformation, assisting one in changing situations and providing for spiritual growth.  In this necklace, malachite can be used to increase personal power.

Sapphire supports learning, mental focus psychic activation, and enhances magickal powers.

Citrine, malachite, rock crystal and sapphire necklace

Citrine, malachite, rock crystal and sapphire necklace with gold filled beads and clasp.


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