Peace amid the storm

Calm amid the storm

Serenity is not freedom from the storm but peace amid the storm.

You cannot control what happens in the world around you. As the coronavirus ripples around the globe, it can feel like your world is out of control. While things may be happening to the outer physical circumstances of your life, your inner world and how you respond is always under your control. Now more than ever is the time to remember this and hold onto this inner truth. Yes, a storm has arrived. Now the question is how you are going to take care of yourself.

Here are a few things that may help while life gets topsy turvy.

1. Remember that no one else can control how you think and feel. Only you are in charge of your thoughts and your emotions. Take care of yourself by choosing what calms and supports you. Avoid what makes you upset, fearful or just plain aggravated.
2. Make your home a sanctuary. Play soothing music, either classical or nature sounds. Don’t have any on your soundtrack? Youtube has hours and hours of free spa music and nature sounds. Play it in the background as you go about your day, and enjoy the relaxing effect it has.
3. Chant oh mani padme hum, the Tibetan chant that breaks up and repels negative energy. Chant oh mani padme hum 108 times and see how much lighter and calmer you feel.
4. Go outdoors. Whatever is going on in your city or town, take the time to go outside if at all possible. Find a park where you can walk in the grass, and observe the birds and wildlife. If you live in a warm climate, spring flowers are starting to appear and trees are blossoming. Nature is beautiful! Go outside and enjoy it. Breath some fresh air and just enjoy making a connection to the wonderful planet we get to call home. When you get back inside, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much clearer and calmer you feel. If you aren’t near a park, then try walking on the grass next to the sidewalk. The important thing is to make physical contact with the earth. The effects are wonderful.
5. This is a really good time to remember that other people’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions do not belong to you. Particularly in cities and towns, where you are living around other people, it can feel like stress and uncertainly is in the very air you are breathing. If you are an intuitive person who is sensitive to energy, you can end up feeling tense and stressed, even when nothing has happened to you. It’s important to pay attention to your emotional health, and if you start to feel anxious, try the chanting mentioned above. Even chanting silently is a great de-stressor.
6. Minimize the time you spend with people who are nervous or negative. Negative people are never going to put you in a positive optimistic mood. If you cannot avoid these people altogether, then limit your interaction. Instead of answering every phone call or text, respond only occasionally. Let them know you are busy and will get back to them later. Then stop answering! Turn your attention elsewhere.
7. Try to limit your time on social media or reading the news. Instead, try watching a funny movie or videos of a comic — Robin Williams or Billy Crystal, or a host of other comedians will take your mind off things.

Most of all take care of yourself mentally, emotionally and energetically. You cannot change what is happening outside you. But you can control what happens within you, and that is everything. Take the reins of your own wellbeing. Know that the energy of the Universe, the energy of creation, is love.

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