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I met my Twin Flame. Now what?

When you meet your twin flame, it is an astonishing experience – the passion and desire are like nothing you have experienced before. What has happened to you is that your twin soul – the other half of your soul, has awakened you.  He or she made you aware of their existence and their presence in your life.   You are now aware that you have a soul, a twin soul and a twin flame union.  But before you approach this physical person, you need to understand some key points.

This person is the physical expression of the other half of your soul. Their soul is your twin soul, their physical body is your twin flame.  Be very careful at this stage, however, in assuming this person feels the intense attraction you feel.  Right now, they are still an unmanifested soul, meaning they don’t feel the soul’s attraction to each other – or to you.  Your goal is to now become a manifested soul; for only when you become soul manifested does your twin soul manifest into his physical body.  It is at that point that he or she will feel as passionately and lovingly about you as you feel about them.

Our souls are very old – many thousands of years.  Their union is also very old.  This relationship, that you have just been introduced to, has existed for millenia.     This is very important to understand.  First, this relationship already exists between your soul and your twin soul.  There is no relationship for you to create.  This person is already your spouse, they are the other half of your soul, and they have been the love of your soul’s existence for a very long time.  Second, any relationship that your twin flame is currently in is an illusion. Yes, they may be married to someone else, and, yes, the marriage certificate is real.  Yes, they may have children and even grandchildren together.  No, your twin flame does not belong with this person.  Your twin flame belongs with you.

Knowing this, how do you get your twin flame to recognize the incredible bond between you?  This is where your work begins.  Because this is a soul union, it cannot be brought in physical reality until you have manifested your soul, and manifested your twin soul.  You have to be aware of the union, and aware of your twin soul.  He or she is with you whenever your soul is; twin souls do not like to be apart.  When you have manifested your soul, and have a relationship with your twin soul – not your twin soul’s physical body – then you will begin to see progress in bringing your twin flame union into physical manifestation.  Too many people who have twin flames believe if they can just drag their twin flames physical body into their life, then they can have their twin flame union.  Unfortunately, this path is filled with problems, setbacks and heartache.

You must understand that until you manifest your soul, your twin flame’s physical body doesn’t feel anything toward you.  You need to manifest your soul, and manifest your twin soul.  When you are a fully manifested soul, you are laying the groundwork for your twin soul to also be fully manifested.  This is when your twin flame’s physical body will see you for who you really are – the other half of himself or herself.  They will want you in their life as much as you want them in yours.   Their love for you will match yours for them.  You will have the relationship you yearn for.

Getting to this place, of being a fully manifested soul, takes commitment, consistency and discipline.  You are in charge of this bringing this relationship forward, and you do this focusing on manifesting your soul.  Calling this person, texting them, or stopping by their desk or office at work is not going to get you this relationship.  Your work is internally focused and spiritual.   The good news is that you will have company.  Your twin soul will be with you every minute of every day.  Their energy, their essence, their kindness and their endless love for you will surround you at all times – when you learn to manifest your soul.  Once you have manifested your soul, your twin flames physical body will awaken to your union.  Then the love and passion that you feel for your twin flame will be reflected back to you in this exquisite person who shares your life, and you two will have a love that surpasses anything you have ever known before.

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